The Forgotten

Every time I come across a gem in this hobby I inevitably come to the conclusion that there must be a ton of wonderful gear out there that has either slipped through the cracks or been forgotten. I decided to start a thread hoping some of you would spill the beans.  

I’ll start, but I don’t have a tone of experience. Totem, I believe to be very underrated.  I find they truly have a magic to them.  I’d throw out Harbeth but they surely aren’t forgotten.  Audio Mirror is one I’m pretty fascinated with based on my Tubadour  I recently acquired a Lab12 Integre4 that I think is better than anything I’ve had.  For example McIntosh, Bryston, Audio Research, Primaluna and a bunch of mid-fi.  Anyways, I think my experience is lacking but that’s what I’ve got.  






Vdh crimson Stradivarius cartridge

Line magnetic 845ia

Nenuphar speakers 




Scientific Fidelity "Tesla" speakers.

I've auditioned about a dozen fine speakers in my large listening room, including Martin Logan, B&W and Revel, and I also own Von Schweikert VR4s and PSB Synchrony Ones. The Teslas are more natural sounding, like the music is coming from real acoustic instruments and real voices instead of electrons running through circuits, and they produce an uncannily specific and stable soundstage image. They are also exciting for rock or big orchestral pieces. They are even beautiful to look at. But when they were released, Corey Greenberg gave them a bad review in Stereophile, and Mike Maloney's nascent company never recovered. Too bad; several of his other creations, now very rare, were also special.

Acoustic Energy

Boston Acoustics

Audio Artistry

Antique Sound Lab