The Forgotten

Every time I come across a gem in this hobby I inevitably come to the conclusion that there must be a ton of wonderful gear out there that has either slipped through the cracks or been forgotten. I decided to start a thread hoping some of you would spill the beans.  

I’ll start, but I don’t have a tone of experience. Totem, I believe to be very underrated.  I find they truly have a magic to them.  I’d throw out Harbeth but they surely aren’t forgotten.  Audio Mirror is one I’m pretty fascinated with based on my Tubadour  I recently acquired a Lab12 Integre4 that I think is better than anything I’ve had.  For example McIntosh, Bryston, Audio Research, Primaluna and a bunch of mid-fi.  Anyways, I think my experience is lacking but that’s what I’ve got.