The Future of Hifi is just being Discovered

I found this to be very interesting to learn that electrons move like water. Also even more interesting to learn Cryo really is on the cutting edge and it's implications for the future are just being learned. Fascinating stuff





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I think the point of the article was missed, which is conductors with liquid electron flow. Currently it's possible under extreme circumstances, but as OP said it's the birth of a new era, and not yet practical implementation.

When this technology becomes mainstream, it will revolutionize audio, and life in general.

Jack Bybee started out on this path, and I was fortunate to pick his brains while he was alive...  we are one foot into this quantum era already. Public feels little yet, but medical field, aerospace industry and mil applications are already knee deep in it. Sorry, I cannot share more on this without breaking confidentiality.

Not sure this has a future in hifi as being thought of here. . By the time it's become mainstream I doubt hifi will exist as we know it. Probably have implants where music is streamed directly to the relevant brain areas. Forget cables, tubes,  and other surpurflous audiophoolery. You're thinking to 21st century.

Revolutionize audio ... How.

There are tradeoff w.r.t superconductivity and bandwidth. This may also not occur at room temperature and or under highly application restrictive conditions.