the greatest pop song ever?

apropos of absolutely nothing, i just listened to the song "five o clock world" by the vogues for the first time in perhaps 20 years. i heard it on a really good lexus (levinson) sound system and have concluded that it's arguably the greatest pop production ever--the damn thing's incredible. in the space of a quick two minutes you get 12 string guitar, marimba, horns, incredible drumming and a really wild honky-tonk piano, all on top of those weird doowop harmonies. add to the mix a really tight melody and sorta meaningful lyrics and you have something that makes phil spector look unambitious and timid.

also from left field, i've been touting a song called "i can see you" by someone or something called june and the exit wounds as the single most beautiful tune ever written. as far as i know, it's only been released on a sampler by parasol records (an indy label out of urban il). this song sounds like some lost brian wilson masterpiece and is well worth finding for those in search of audio nirvana.
I had some ideas before I clicked on the thread but I think I'll go with "The Day the Music Died". A second goes to Micheal Jackson's "Beat It". I'll deny it if confronted but I had a Beat It jacket. A Thriller one too. But don't tell anyone. LoL
I'll agree it's like picking the most beautiful woman...and in the end, we all think that's the woman we are married to, or maybe have the most attachment to. Still, it's awfully nice to admire a new shape...

One? Right this minute? 'I've Been Waiting' by Matthew Sweet.