The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.


This thread is an offshoot and was inspired by @mahgister’s wonderful thread "Interesting videos about sounds and music." I made a couple of contributions to that thread, recommending a video recorded quite a few years ago by (I believe) a music teacher, who sits at his keyboard while explaining and demonstrating the construction of the utterly majestic "God Only Knows", written by Brian Wilson (music) and Tony Asher (lyrics), recorded by The Beach Boys (vocals) and the L.A. studio musicians who comprised the legendary Wrecking Crew (instruments), the song found on the Pet Sounds album.

In my posts, I made the case for the highly sophisticated and incredibly brilliant chord progressions, modulations (key changes), and use of inversion (playing a bass note below the tonic of the chord being played on the piano) in the song’s composition. So when the video below appeared when I just jumped onto YouTube, it’s title really caught my eye. It is entitled "Exploring The Mythical Chords Of "God Only Knows"." Brian is well known for his harmony vocal arrangements, but that’s just the icing on the cake; the song itself is in it’s chords and melody. Some of the chord sequences in "God Only Knows" bring me to tears. Add to that the vocal harmonies---many sung in counterpoint---and Carl Wilson's angelic singing of the melody, and you have an absolute masterpiece of a song.

I have long considered "God Only Knows" my favorite song, and imo the "best" song ever written. I’m not alone in that; Paul McCartney has stated he feels the same. I could have added this video to @mahgister’s thread, but I believe the song and it’s appreciation warrant it’s own thread. Watch and listen to this video (and the one I posted in mahgister’s thread), give the song a new listen, and see if you don’t agree with Paul and I. 😉




@jonwolfpell it was @tylermunns who took the time to post that list, but i believe ck wrote all of those songs, mostly with gerry goffin (who also  wrote giant hits for diana ross, gladys knight, etc. without her). add in ck's "tapestry" songs plus all the unlisted classics and she's on a par with john/paul and and dylan as the GOAT.

I vote for Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', and would nominate Jeff Buckley's version as the best with honorable mention to John Cale's version.


 Some songs improved with age, others become diminished (no musical pun intended).


Improved? Don't you mean augmented?   ;o)

JJ Cale’s “After Midnight” w/ his understated, primo guitar work & Skynrd’s version also excellent w/ great horns & piano.

"The First Time Ever I saw Your Face" Johnny Cash version. Try listening to that and not be affected somehow.