The Horror

After getting  back home from “The Show” in Costa Mesa, California this past weekend, I walked over to my stereo system and turned it on. And silently wept. I had held out a feint hope that my cross-over modified 1.7i Maggies and mighty Parasound A21+, fed from a Prima Luna 300 tube preamplifier could somehow manage a slight shimmer of resemblance to the robust setups I witnessed at the SHOW. Not—- on— your —-life. Not even close. I slumped into my over-stuffed couch and stared long and hard at the thing I created: an anemic concoction of false hopes and wishful thinking. The horror, the truth: entry into serious audiophile listening begins with purchase of speakers that cost the price of the car I had to finance for 4 years, closely followed with the added expense of beefy sophisticated electronics and wiring, not a gaggle of cheap wanna-be plastic and tweeks. I so wanted to belong, but that’s turned out to be just a fever dream I’ve got to wake up from. Maybe one day, if ever I have the nerve to rob a bank, find Jimmy Hoffa, or survive a head-on collision from a sleepy Amazon driver, I might make it. Maybe. Feel free to play the violin with two fingers.


You have a very nice system, but it seems you are really forcing the Magnepans into that space. Seriously, consider some high quality stand mounts, you can find that bliss. 

@zlone +1.

My suggestion would be a pair of KEF R3 meta on stands. Optionally add matching kef sub tuned in just right for that room and you are in very good shape. 

@erik_squires , lol.

You're probably not far off....

I'm sure we'd all have Dartzeel or Dan A'gostino amps if we could afford them.

But alas.....I'll have to be content with my British convertible sports car and my modest Canadian amp/preamp.

I figure I'll be OK.

Just for the record, I'm joking.  I don't actually give a damn how much a system costs as I believe excellent sounding systems are available at many different price points.

Spend some time with your room acoustics, speaker setup and choice of listening position. More than half of what you are hearing is your room and rest assured, hotel rooms are not ideal so there is reason for hope. Optimize what you have, you will be surprised. Drop a six figure system into poor room and you get poor sound.