The imperfect amp: Pass or Ayre?

There are two high end SS amp brands which, from a technical perspective, don’t do very well, which I am thinking of:

Ayre and Pass.

Pass has stated that even ordered distortion is euphonic. Ayre’s zero feedback, diamond circuit has a great deal of distortion compared to the very best measuring amps.

I have to admit, that like an IPA vs. a Belgian White, I have a very strong preference, but my preference is not canon. It is just how my wallet moves me. You should in no way feel like my tastes matter. Buy what makes you giddy with joy.

Would you, kind lady or gentleman, tell us if you have heard both, what did you think?? Is this to narrow? Would you throw another brand into the ring??
An amp that shows distortion on the fundamental will always sound better than the one that doesn't.
Pass is correct.
I suspect anyone wanting either of these expensive amp would listen carefully  and choose the one they prefer and not worry  about specs.

Eric, are you obsessed with finding someone, anyone to agree with your insecurity about Pass Labs? This is now your 6th TROLLING tread with Pass Labs in the title.

Here's your view on Ayre vs Pass Labs:

I've heard a top end Pass System and I'm .... mystified. I'm sorry but they don't do it for me. They're not even as good as Parasound Halo line. To my ears they are thin and not particularly revealing.

If I had the money and space I'd buy Ayre and never ever look at Pass again.

It's a broken record, you're obsessed with it. Give it up!

sure I have heard both and while I chose to own an Ayre VX-R in both the initial and then Twenty ( Diamond ) design, I think you might be missing the point a BIT...compared to many other components in the chain, amps are VERY low in distortion...OF course both Nelson and Charlie gifted genius designers with KEEN ears. I did own many Threshold products and think highly of his current work. I think listening to the product in a system with similar design principles and objectives might be more illuminating than a point comparison. For example the effects of negative feedback on a temporally accurate transducer....or not...
have fun, enjoy the music...
From Nelson Pass, "I have numerous designs using ZGNFB"
This is zero "global" negative feedback, just like Ayre is trying to make you believe by shortening it and saying Zero Feedback.
Both will then have to be using a "local feedback loop" around the front end of the amp.
It’s advertising BS by Ayre to say "no Feedback!" on a solid state amp.
Any difference in amps sound will be because of other factors if they both have either global or local feed backs.

This thread seem again to be fishing for Pass bashing ammo yet again.
You give no tech reason behind wanting to denigrate it, just hoping that fishing for a reason, someone will present one for you.

And BTW bashing "God" (NP) is blasphemous.

Cheers George