The imperfect amp: Pass or Ayre?

There are two high end SS amp brands which, from a technical perspective, don’t do very well, which I am thinking of:

Ayre and Pass.

Pass has stated that even ordered distortion is euphonic. Ayre’s zero feedback, diamond circuit has a great deal of distortion compared to the very best measuring amps.

I have to admit, that like an IPA vs. a Belgian White, I have a very strong preference, but my preference is not canon. It is just how my wallet moves me. You should in no way feel like my tastes matter. Buy what makes you giddy with joy.

Would you, kind lady or gentleman, tell us if you have heard both, what did you think?? Is this to narrow? Would you throw another brand into the ring??
I agree with others responding to this guy’s post- endless obvious trolling with an overt agenda to look for issues with Pass products- Just weird frankly.

Stop with the nonsense about technical imperfections!
Eric, why do you keep chasing bad sound after bad sound? If you've gotten a Pass Amp at the beginning, you wouldn't be in the situation your in now.

 Why would anyone "start threads" wanting others to "post up negatives" on a public forum, if not to denigrate that product themselves.
(a passed, Pass scarred man is what I see)

It’s ok if you post up these negatives yourself Eric in debate over Pass amps on threads, but to start threads asking others to do it for you is, well?? a bit like hiding behind the bushes and throwing stones.

Cheers George
If erik wants to start threads questioning Pass amps, that's OK.  There are so many positive threads and posts about Pass that trying to find any negative experiences is a good idea.  Getting both sides of the story is  always beneficial.

erik starts lots of threads, many of which address controversial topics.  My experience with his threads is that he is polite and usually has something to offer.  He seems to like to debate audio topics.  What's wrong with that?   If he was a troll, I wouldn't defend him.  I don't think that's what he's doing though.
I agreee @tomcy6 , but the problem is what about the member who takes time putting together a well thought out post only to find out that their response didn’t really matter since Eric is only looking for negative comments. So now the issue becomes members not posting because they now understand it has no context to the subject in the title - that’s what’s wrong. He’s wasting the time of others. And to him it's just a big joke.
To the OP.....How do amps with even ordered harmonics sound to your ears? They sound pretty darn good to my ears. Especially Pass. The int 60 sounds so good to my ears I can hardly contain myself listening to it. Couple it with an MSB ADC V DAC.....a match made in heaven.
I don't think Eric is trying to solicit negative comments.
Quite the opposite.
He just want to find out why people find Pass amps are so desirable.

Read Ralph Karsten's posts regarding harmonics. They tell the reason.