The iPod and the Audiophile

Here is a good article I ran into today on extremetech about digital media and the Audiophile. I thought I would share.,1217,a=171815,00.asp
I-POD is not an Audiophile device. Recall how they told us CD where better than LP's .
I agree it's more for someone who wants the best they can get on the road. It's still fun to listen to with good in ear phones, but I wouldn't consider the ipod an audiophile anything - despite the audio rags efforts to promote it. Non audiophiles think we are people that buy Bose and spend up to $1K on our systems (that's crazy sounding to them). They don't realise how insane we actually are ;(
I agree with Mapleleafs3. I love my iPod and use it all the time, but it's not up to audiophile standards, and probably never will be. Apple doesn't really want you hooking the iPod up to your home stereo - that's why there's no digital output. They want you to buy an iMac as a "digital hub". Why sell a consumer only one device when you can sell them two?
I have IPOD.I do enjoy it, it sounds very good, I can
bring it anywhere I go.