The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?

I LOVE Audiogon. I have purchased and sold many items here and it is a wonderful resource for audio nuts of every variety. Big solid state, tubes, analog, vinyl? Sure it all goes.

So I see posts that are make offer but the seller says "lowballers" will be ignored, vilified, cursed and cussed. So why have a make offer sale? Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It doesn't matter what you paid for it, or how much you love it. And why be upset? Declining requires one mouse click. Countering maybe five or six clicks or keystrokes. Just curious as this is a commerce site.

I have received offers that seemed really low to me, but I am still happy to have interest and I always counter offer. I recently sold a Clearaudio TT for a lot less than I thought it was worth. But all the offers were low and I had to rethink my view. It ultimately sold as a real bargin but I'm happy and so is the buyer.

Your thoughts?
I have wondered about that myself. If a seller wants a certain price and doesn't wish to field offers all he has to do is put "Firm"! in the ad. Otherwise how can a buyer possibly know what the seller means by "reasonable offers only" and the ubiquitous low balls will be ignored (or worse)?
I started a thread just like this on Audio Asylum and it was well recieved. You are not the only one wondering how low is low, people had a bunch of ideas but none of it was clearly logical. Thanks for bringing it up here.
BTW The next time you are about to give away some good stuff send me an email first.
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In general I agree that staying "lowballers will be ignored" doesn't make sense but I wouldn't get upset over it. Please realize that many people here aren't professional sales. They most likely do buying much more often than selling. I know I am. Sometimes they may put in words without thinking too much about the net effect. So don't take that too seriously. If you like the item, just make an offer for the amount you are willing to pay. Most members here are very nice people. I am sure they won't send you a nasty email. If they did, well, at least you know who not to do business with.
I have found the vast majority of offers made to me on this site to be very fair and I probably accepted most of the them, if not all. However, I think we've all had annoying people who are more interested in bargaining than actually purchasing something. You could put up a pair of Magico Q1s for $20 and they'll offer you $10. When I get an offer from one of these types, I will just reply "No thank you" and leave it at that. Sometimes they will raise their offers, but I honestly would rather not deal with them at all. I think that once they get the item, they will attempt to start re-negotiating the price, because that's what they live for. I just don't need the aggravation when there are so many people here who are a pleasure to deal with.
I grew up in the antique business. (school of hard knocks). A women came in and made an offer on an item marked 325-. She said (to my mother) would you take 2 dollars? My mother said "this is marked 325 dollars. The women walked out embarrassed. It sold very shortly after for 300-.
Another time a women came in and fell IN LOVE with a rocking chair saying "it is JUST what I have been looking for!!", and how much? While I called for the price she was sitting in it and loving it!! I came back and told her 125-. She looked funny and replied "I am really looking for something much nicer"!! That one sold very shortly afterward as well.
It goes both ways and every which way.