THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?

My pal just learned of 25 dollar a pop,gold plated fuses.He is about to buy a bunch,and is giving me the "typical" pitch.This is an area I'm really sceptical about.I have no problems with tweaks,but these look like overkill.Any thoughts?
Considering that standard aluminum fuses sell for about $0.35 each, a gold-plated fuse is outrageous.

However, when one considers zip cord at $1.00 verses a pair of speaker cables selling for $6000 a pair, they start to look like a bargain.

As for performance, I did not notice any when I installed them in my passive and dedicated line conditioners.

But when I installed them inside my old amp (2 along each rail and 4 in all), the performance gains were siginificant as the overall presentation was richer, greater in detail at the top end, smoother, and eliminated a certain etched sound that the aluminum fuses were obviously producing. This improvement was noticeable only after 48 hours of burn-in.

When one considers the thousands of dollars some enthusiasts are willing to spend on lesser performance gains and depending on where they are installed, the $25 IsoClean gold-plated fuses are an absolute bargain.

They might make a difference if they're in the signal path, e.g., in speakers, but in amp or pre-amp they wouldn't make a difference IMHO.
About 20 years ago I had high purity solid copper rod the diameter of a standard fuse cut to the size of a fuse. Had them gold plated and replaced the output fuses in my amp with these. My system was about as high end as you could make it at the time, and this replacement didn't make one whit of difference.