The Levinson Sound?

I have never listened to a Mark Levinson amp, but am curious as to what sound characteristics they have, especially the older amps from the 90's. How do they compare to say Pass Labs amps? Any info would be appreciated.
I have ml 532 and 326S cd ml 512 speaker jbl DD66000 sound fantastic dynamik details everything in very High performance class speaker cables Bertram proxima CU and silver not be wire just changes between Them from time to time 
Use to have ml 433/380S and ml 390 S and speakers like jbl 4430/35 4343 and jbl 250 jubilee and I dont miss any of these compaired with my set up now 
Anyone heard the ML No 532? I have been told it’s more analytic much higher resolution than previous series but less musical. Did anyone compare it to the 33x and 33h? It seems difficult to get any reviews on the No 532 and it is not anymore on ML’s website. Thanks a lot 
i think that ML gets hit with the bias of the darkish sounding gear of way back. the 326s and the current 523 are superb preamps by any measure. i also think the 585 integrated lives up to the rave reviews it’s gotten. 
we audiophiles pigeon hole a company’s sound whether they change over time or not.
as an example i won’t purchase mcintosh because i have a bias that their gear is somewhat dull sounding and doesn’t use high end audio parts. i have no idea what it sounds like today.
same for cardas. i’m biased that it lacks clarity being full and soft on top. is it still? i doubt it. 
ML 336 is the worst amp ML ever made I had 20 years  and nothing but headaches