The Lifespan of an LP?

How many times can one play a new vinyl lp before the sound noticeably degrades? For the purpose of the exercise, assume one takes decent care of the record and has a properly set up and maintained, good quality deck and stylus. My system has been taking quantum leaps in quality over the last three years and I find myself buying more mint and near-mint vintage  records on Discogs and audiophile remastered records from MoFi etc. Thanks!
Vinyl record is the best media format in the last 100 years.

Micro Groove records are the best, what is the reason to ask about lifespan if amazing records from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s ... can be found in MINT condition or even sealed? Vintage records are the best sounding records, and believe me, they will last longer that all of us!

Used records from the 70’s are still amazing, they are 50 y.o. , so what ? 
Buy yourself a cartridge with advanced stylus profile and record wear will be minimum. 

No simple answer for this question. All depends on tt setup, pressure, adjustments factors  your way of spinning, storing and care of the records. Record’s production quality is factor too. 
I’ve bought some pretty beat up Lps and cleaned them well. When I used a micro line stylus the record sounded pretty darn good. I guess my point is that even if you “wore a record out” there are ways to access more of the groove. 
Those same records sounded siblent and distorted with an elliptical stylus. 
I only have about 300 records.  They have been played quite a bit and I can't tell if the sound has changed.  I play them on this beautiful piece of Americana:

Quite fun to listen to the original "Take the A Train" on the Vic and then follow it with a modern digital version on "the big rig"!  Fun is what it's all about.

To the OP:  Some of those records are nearly 100 years old and they still sound pretty crappy but engaging.  Oh yeah, I change styli (needle) frequently and if I see a little corrosion...some warm water and brillo takes care of that. I must have about 150 "needles" and yes they are sharp as a needle. Almost.