The listening constraints have been lifted

I don't know about anyone else, but living in a busy house of five (3 teen agers) along with all the associated sports and school activities, I find precious few times that I can turn up my rig to the levels I like to. Today my wife and girls are at a wedding shower, my son is at work, I'm home alone! I just threw in some Keb' Mo' and turned it up so I can enjoy it throughout the house. Sure there is yardwork to be done and cars to clean (not to mention the honey-do-list). Now, I enjoy my family immensely, however, it's "me-time" and the listening constraints have been lifted, I'm a happy man!

Anyone else live with "listening constraints"?
I'm in the same boat,my friend. Timing and patience is so important to find that "me-time". Hang in there. Family is always top priority, but since they love Dad so much, they'll allow you your "me-time" from time to time. Best wishes. Enjoy your family and music system in that order.
Depends on what I'm listening to...actually most of what I'm listening to has constraints. Every once in a while I'll get a "Why doncha turn it up?", but not often enough.
For me, it's concert DVD's that go on when the house is empty - concert level. There are some really good ones, and at empty-house level they can leave you feeling like you went to a concert. I'm getting old enough that it's then a bit of a relief when people come home and I can "have" to turn it back down.
Same here— that's why I'm into headphones in a big way. When everyone goes to sleep, that's when I get rocking. Check out to learn more about headphones and headphone amps from a very nice and knowledgeable bunch of headphone geeks. You can put together a world-class cans & amp system for much less $$$ than a pair of top flight speakers and an amp to power them.