The logistics of audio

Having finally taken delivery of, but not quite settled on the positioning of my #180 each speakers and seen just *one* Krell MRA amp in the local distributor in it's crate, it got me thinking.

I live in a European style town house (like the brownstone houses in the US I think). I honestly think I have reached the limit of what I can get into my living (listening) room, since it is on the first floor and going up the stairs limits weight to what can be carried by two people. Access through windows is a no go.

In fact I think a pair of Krell MRA cratges might make a good size house for someone. But I certainly couldn't carry it up my stairs with a friend.

Has anyone else reached the weight threshold of their house - or do you guys just take the roofs off your house to install new kit?

A house with the a great sounding room is the ultimate audio upgrade. It's also the most expensive.
Hehe Onhwy61 ...... it seems you out-think me at every turn!

It seemed to me that I will never buy another pair of speakers until I buy a bigger house. Trouble is bigger houses and more hefty equipment tend to clash a lot on the budget front, with the larger item getting much more SWMBO appreciation that the smaller ones.
I think my priorities are wrong. When I moved (for work)--my sound room got smaller...

But it gave me an excuse to buy new speakers (old Dunlaveys were just too big for the sound to integrate well).

I never thought to buy the house around the speakers...
I just heard a bit more about thge Krell MRAs - they were destined for a guy in central London - who lives in a first floor flat!!

They had to get a structural survey done before they could try to deliver them - and then they had tro use a crane to get the crates into the flat!!