The longest you have owned any gear?

Not counting accessories such as a Zerostat which I bought eons ago, the one piece of equipment I own which I've had the longest is my turntable- 19 years now. 

What's been your experience? 
That would be my Pioneer Elite PD-65 CDP. I bought it around 1992-93. With all the reasonably priced DAC's available today, it now does duty as a transport. The thing is a tank.
I was a high end dealer back in the early 80s and sold Phiiips CD players. Kept a CD-80 for myself and had it modified by someone in Iowa, I think. I also was a dealer for "Speaker Art" by Bob Gross. I have a pair of his Odessy speakers. I have spent the last 20 years trying to find a CD player that is as good as the Phillips. I've tried it with external DACs but the one in it sounds better than anything I can afford. My latest effort to replace it is with an Oppo 105. The Oppo sounds good but is not as musical or detailed as the CD 80. I'm 78 years old so my hearing may not be up to the task but I have some good hearing aids and still enjoy my music. One unusual thing. I just purchased a Naim Supernait 3 amp and the remote for it will control the CD player. 
Would like to hear form anyone who has "Speaker Art" Speakers or a Phillips/Marantz CD 80. Terry
My Thorens TD-166 MKII turntable that I bought new in 1977 while in high school.  I had it refurbished in 2019.  I use it almost daily.
My Thorens TD166MkII, bought new in 1984 with a second arm wand. Now somewhat modified, but with original motor, arm, platter and plinth. It was a big purchase for me then, one year out of college, but I refused to re-buy my LPs in CD form and wanted a ’table that would last longer than my Technics belt drive TT. It certainly has lasted. It will probably outlive me.  Also, my Advent New Large Utility speakers, now in a secondary system.  My HS graduation present in 1978, refoamed in 2017(?) by Miilersound. Still sound pretty good.
Have had a Magnum Dynalab FT-101A FM tuner for 30 years and it has never failed once. Sent it back to MD for upgrading last year. Next oldest is a Bryston B60R Integrated Amp that has served me well for 20 years. It did require servicing at 19 years but, fortunately, it was within the 20-year warranty.