The magic of outdoor listening

I tend to keep one system I can pull outdoors when I am in the mood the freedom from room colorations is an amazing thing. Being outside listening to a great system playing wonderful music is magic. I have a bike race by my home and if the weather is nice many times I'm out jamming I have had large groups of cyclists stop 50 yards from my home to enjoy my music. Last year I has using a giant pair of RCA front horns with a full range in it this year going with a community leviathan system with radial. I pull out a tube amp when I jam outside. When I retire I plan on putting out a permanent outdoor horn system so it is ready to go when I am. Sitting still seated centered in a room all alone is enjoyable at times but also kind of tragic I am happy I have options. Maybe consider the outdoors as one of your listening spaces.


Be a little considerate.


NO! When I blast the music, the neighbors are forewarned. IF you know what your doing, it NEVER bothers the neighbors. No one around here couples the sound to the ground. THAT neighbor get spoken to by everyone. This isn't drive by noise pollution. We truly share. The other option is to MOVE. 

I HATE NOISE!!! I love music any kind BUT, NO Yoko Ono..

I do keep it (Yoko Ono) on hand just in case a cop pulls me over, he/she gets the OH NO sound as they handcuff me. Sometimes. :-)

@tylermunns      No.  I said it to the people who play their equipment in the garden. I already said I agree with you.


@helmholtzsoul    It's you that should move.  To the desert.  But I agree with you about Yoko.  Maybe you'll find her there.  She's 89 now.  Lennon would be 82 this year.  Roll on John.

Wow so many think they know my living situation. One asshat says it's wrong to listen outdoors but is a shooter I wonder if he cares about the noise when he's shooting, another thinks I'm rude and selfish for playing a bit of music on my large property far out in the country with no neighbors. All I can say is you are the type that doesn't get invited to parties.  


Well nothing has changed, people still read what they want and understand as they see fit. Weather it has anything to do with what the person said is a whole different story. 

The "OLD FART" crowd can take a mood elevator.  Me and the OP are going to have a good time. We are in the yard not the GETTO for god sakes. This isn't "Gunpoint" where I live. The homes aren't stacked on top of each other.

If you can hear music a 1/4 mile away clear, it has to be VERY flat for that IB to work that well. If you can hear someone else that WELL, the cops in my neighborhood are on the way. They don't ask you to turn down the music, they will do it for you. 

BTW. Use a cell phone while a cop is talking to you in my town, you get the side of your head slapped, as anyone should. I think that is the rudest thing in our culture. Cell phone ABUSE using the stupid speaker walking around talking so EVERYONE can hear their loud mouth.. 

I blast outside normally around Halloween when we use to have a harvest party. This isn't 90210, but it is an old farm/industrial community with tons of different music. Bali to Gospel. Me I love Latin Jazz, the hotter the better. 

When we party everybody dances not an Eeyore in the bunch.. :-) No I don't drink.

Life is just to short fellas. :-)