The magic of outdoor listening

I tend to keep one system I can pull outdoors when I am in the mood the freedom from room colorations is an amazing thing. Being outside listening to a great system playing wonderful music is magic. I have a bike race by my home and if the weather is nice many times I'm out jamming I have had large groups of cyclists stop 50 yards from my home to enjoy my music. Last year I has using a giant pair of RCA front horns with a full range in it this year going with a community leviathan system with radial. I pull out a tube amp when I jam outside. When I retire I plan on putting out a permanent outdoor horn system so it is ready to go when I am. Sitting still seated centered in a room all alone is enjoyable at times but also kind of tragic I am happy I have options. Maybe consider the outdoors as one of your listening spaces.


I’m quite blessed to have a very large private back yard (1/3 of an acre) north of LA with a beautiful pool and my wife and I love nothing more than spending most of our time in the back yard sipping wine just outside the main family room and lounging in the pool on weekends for hours. I used to bring my Marshall blue tooth speaker outside and now with my recent purchase of legacy XDs with Wavelet v2, I’m able to open the double French doors and wood windows and turn the system up to around 65 to 70 and have amazing sound that easily fills the back yard. The Wavelet with Roon on my iPhone I can control playlist and volume while floating in pool with my wife and wine. I could not have found a better sound system for the price with the Legacy XDs and Wavelet. I have Roon running on a MAC mini.

I always tell people if they think their speakers don't sound "right" take them outside where there are no boundaries.  This is the single best way to hear your speakers as they actually sound and for some, it is shocking.  It's not about loud, it's about getting as close as most of us will ever get to a perfect acoustical space.  Worth setting up once to hear the difference.  It will lack SPL, the system will not play nearly as loud as it does inside unless you have horns or devices meant for narrow dispersion.  

The posts about loud sound blasting outdoors are something else entirely, I agree, its rough to play music so everyone in the neighborhood HAS to hear it with you. 


Very interesting topic, johnk.  I started thinking about the title before I read the responses.  My first thought was how difficult it would be to put all equipment (turntable, CD player, DAC, preamp, amp, etc.) into a cabinet for protection against wind, moisture, dust, heat, cold and more.  I then opened the responses and read each one.  NO ONE mentioned anything about equipment needing protection from anything.  The gist of the thread is how the listener felt when listening outside and the experience gained from listening outside. Everyone had a simple way to have music outside.  Funny, sad and embarrassing how I thought first about the equipment and secondly about the music.

rayd: so the way i have my set-up is all the gear is inside my back room. i run the speaker wires from the amp to the speakers outside, which are on stands. this allows me to swap out speakers as mood dictates. different speakers for different moods.

@soix  +1 for Sonance Landscape Series. I had a system with (8) LS6T satellite speakers (4L+4R channel) and (1) LS12T in-ground subwoofer running off a Crown CDi 1000 Amp with equalizer. System was controlled by Control4.
We sold the home, but it was an amazing system at both low and high volumes.