The Mars Volta. New Album.

This came out of nowhere for me.  New self-titled album from The Mars Volta.  What a great thing when a broken-up okayish-band regroups after 10 years, crosses genres while maintaining some sonic continuity, and creates a timeless and inspired opus.  What an accomplishment. Confrontationally creative. Hits musically first, then you realize you are also listening to an abundance of audiophile goodness as well.  Wasn’t really a fan of The Mars Volta before this album, but this is a blast.


No, not really.  It's more like Arctic Monkeys doing the Chipmunks Biggest Hits.  But it's great...  I noticed in the rare instances he sings in his low register, his voice is sublime, but also sounds a lot like Arctic Monkey's singer.  Gets distinctive in the upper range.

Well, it took me a while and many times through this album, but now I think it's fantastic! 

^^^ +1 Reubent! 

I've found that to be true with a lot of my albums. Still not there with this one though...


Hardest album for me to get was Radiohead’s Kid A.  But you have to understand that the world was waiting for them to save rock and roll from the likes of N’Sync and Brittney Spears at the time, and then Radiohead turned around and released….that.  But I eventually came to realize that this was the most rock and rollish move they could have made, in spirit if not sonically, and I came to appreciate that album in time.