The Mechanic

If anyone has seen this movie, you will notice gorgeous views of a Clearaudio turntable, with an SME V, and a ZYX cartridge. Unfortunately, the system is blown up at the end of the movie.....opps.....Forget that if you are going to see the flick.
There are still pics I found on the AudioKarma site that shows that this is a Sumiko Project RM-9.2 table with an Ortofon Red cart. Also, I found quite a few discussions on this matter.
OK but what is the McIntosh pre-amp he is using? It is dated compared to the rest of his system. Also at the end I thought is was interesting that the pre-amp was not included in the "explosion scene". Theory: he was killed because he wasn't properly cleaning the LP, didn't spin start a belt drive platter, clean the stylus, and clearly didn't appreciate that gorgeous Jag!
The McIntosh piece, (according to what I found on AudioKarma) is a C22 reissue and yes it was pulled before being blown up.