The Mechanic

If anyone has seen this movie, you will notice gorgeous views of a Clearaudio turntable, with an SME V, and a ZYX cartridge. Unfortunately, the system is blown up at the end of the movie.....opps.....Forget that if you are going to see the flick.
OK but what is the McIntosh pre-amp he is using? It is dated compared to the rest of his system. Also at the end I thought is was interesting that the pre-amp was not included in the "explosion scene". Theory: he was killed because he wasn't properly cleaning the LP, didn't spin start a belt drive platter, clean the stylus, and clearly didn't appreciate that gorgeous Jag!
The McIntosh piece, (according to what I found on AudioKarma) is a C22 reissue and yes it was pulled before being blown up.
He must have sold it on Agon before the explosion and was waiting for his new upgrade to be delivered by UPS.....

Seem to be a popular thing to include vinyl in movies these days. What's the most expensive high-end system you've seen in the movies? I just saw a complete Burmeister system in a Hong Kong flick. No turntable though.