The Midnight Effect - Who-How?

You have high end equipment designed in a way to make it seemingly impervious to power line fluctuations. You add expensive conditioners and/or power line regenerators just to be safe.

You sit and listen to your system for a few hours and everything sounds great. Then, from nowhere, like someone flicked a switch…. the sound opens up… becomes more natural, more focused… the soundstage suddenly blooms and becomes more dimensional, more depth and more space around instruments. WTF just happened? The only clue is the clock on the wall and the empty wine flagon next to your chair.

I’m long past questioning whether the phenomenon is real. To what extent it exists depends on certain variables, but it exists. But how? I live in the boondocks, there’s no industry or commerce that suddenly shuts down at 23:00 every night. 
Do others experience this? Do you have an explanation? Perhaps even some empirical data?

Is it just the booze?




I’m a bit surprised by the distribution of comments - there’s more pushback against the actual concept of the “midnight effect” than I expected. I thought it was a given that most, if not all people would have experienced this and I expected the conversation to be more about the cause, rather than whether or not it actually exists. That’s interesting. 
I think maybe you babies are mostly tucked up in your crib by 9:30 every night..


@rooze ....'Tis true, I haven't...nor wish to, lest the feds find it and you....

"Moonshine?!  Oh, 'ell no....high quality paint stripper....anyone drinking this would be crazy...." 😏🤞😎

9:30 AM on occasion, but throws me out of synch too much with the normal day2day.....besides, as a former SoCA sort, was much exposed to 'herbal remedies' in my disformative years....

I would not expect pushback either. It has been obvious to me for over thirty years. In addition to the power grid, there is a reduction of traffic. The vibration caused by truck and nearer cars are likely causes. I have a high quality seismometer on my wish list. I will probably not be getting it for 6 months.

Easier to understand:

-Fluctuations in power quality


More complicated/hard to understand:

- Shifting bio rythms of the human body

- Shifting etheric content, etc

When you lay off the booze and keep increasing the intensity of attention you pay towards yourself and things around you, the more complicated things in life can be perceived.