The Modern DAC killed High Resolution Music - has Stereophile proven it?

Hi Everyone,
One thing I've mentioned a lot is that over the past 10 years or so DAC's really closed the delta in how well they play CD (i.e. Redbook) vs. high resolution (96/24 or higher). I've stated for a long time that the delta closed so much that high resolution music no longer seemed to be as important.

Stereophile just released an interesting set of measurements regarding jitter performance of older players vs. today. It's not absolute proof of my thesis, but it certainly is correlated.

One thing, as I commented, you don't have to compare old DACs to the $15,000 Bartok. The Mytek Brooklyn and others in the $2,000 price range also demonstrate this, and in fact has a very similar jitter rejection profile to the Bartok. The point to me is, almost all decent DAC's have jumped leaps and bounds in jitter performance. That's for sure.  Perhaps this explains the disappearing gap in performance as well between Redbook and Hi Rez? 

Delta is change. Close the delta means ceased to change.

Did you really mean to say DAC's have stopped changing? Or was it just something you thought it would be cool to type? Closed the delta. I must admit, it does sound pretty cool. 
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As a self declared frugal, I would guess you simply don’t have a system resolving enough to hear the difference. No problem with that, but I have absolutely no problem hearing the difference when switching between 16/44 and 24/192. 

and now hi Rez streaming’s never ever been widely accepted and has never reached any level of commercial success.

who cares.
most people can’t tell the difference between MP3 and CD quality so why would manufactures sink their capital into a solution where most believe a problem does not exist?
Apple and Spotify are being left behind in the hi-res sweepstakes.  So something is going on in the industry.