The MoFi Mess and TAS rolling over for them

Totally disgusted with TAS opinions on the mofi mess. They're basically saying it was okay to dupe us.  Jonathan Valin actually says as long as it sounds good...

What a sell out to the audiophile community.  TAS is nothing but a glorified product catalogue for their advertisers.  



@pratorious - Is an analogue tape copy better than a digital tape copy if the sampling is high enough? It's still a copy. I know that way back starting with Fleetwood Mac's Tusk in the early 80s, some records were recorded digitally. I remember that sounded great.

I have a copy of Kind of Blue on a Mofi 45 box set from a few years ago and would be interested to compare it to the UHQR version and see if the differences are noticeable to a moderately focused listener. I rarely just listen to music like in a demo at a stereo store - usually I am reading or watching tv (sound off of course) or doing a puzzle maybe. 

In any case, I am glad there is competition in the audiophile record market, although the prices seem to be becoming stratospheric. I would rather buy the $60 45 AS sells that sound fantastic to me (Brubeck's Time Out for example) than pay $150 for the new UHQRs. Chad mentioned they will be available at lesser price points with digital steps involved but didn't say the price points. Steely Dan has the first one (Can't buy a Thrill) listed on their web site for $29.99 without any details about the pressing. Knowing Steely Dan, I am sure that it is damn good. At some point it becomes a collecting rather than actual listening issue.

Speakers Corner and Blue Note and Impulse have the right idea keeping prices for excellent records on the reasonable side. Wish they had wider libraries.

@sokogear For me? Yes an analog tape copy is better than a digital copy for a vinyl record. As Chad said "Why tie one arm of the mastering engineers hand behind his back? Once it's [digital] in there you can't get it out."

I am not interested in any Steely Dan releases but when I buy a re-issue I do want it all analog otherwise I would just spend the inflated prices on original pressings. I definitely appreciate the labels that make the effort for all analog re-issues.

Chad's deal with Universal was limited to only UHQR 45rpm and then to provide digital files, from Bernie Grundman, so Universal could make the 33 1/3 versions at $29.99 to sell themselves. Thats a good option for people that don't care about sources but want new releases of these Steely Dan records. Win win.

You might notice Universal isn't bothering to make an analog 33 1/3 OR letting Chad do it because they expect the 33 1/3 version to $ell bigger and provide more profit. Then add the CD's and streaming and unlimited vinyl repressing. At least that's what is implied to me.

I got a couple MOFI CD's. Gold ones no less! Should I be upset that I got a really clean copy of a really good recording? Don't see a better one on the shelf. But I think MOFI probably owes a chunk of cash to a class-action filing. It's nice to sit this one out since I gave up my vinyl years ago. Good luck!

@pratorious - I was under the impression the SD titles would be offered thru AP in a “typical” audiophile release at 45 like is available for Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go. They were released on record store day last year on regular vinyl and they sound great. Pressed at Pallas in Germany I believe.

I am not an attorney @denverfred , but as far as I know for a settlement  to be awarded/paid, there has to actually be some damages incurred by the class. If the records are worth more than they paid, then what are the damages? The disgruntled analogue historians can just sell them and make a few bucks as audiophiles looking for excellent sound quality will snap them up. 

@sokogear: Michael Ludwig (45 RPM Audiophile on YouTube) has done a video in which he compares his MoFi 45 RPM 2-LP version of Kind Of Blue with his Analogue Productions 33-1/3 RPM 1-LP. I think he may have already compared the new AP 45 RPM 2-LP version to the 33-1/3 as well, but that may have been someone else.