The Most "Analog" CD Player?

Came across this new CD player, which may finally end the eternal quest for the analog-sounding CD player.
The sell copy you read for any DAC is that "it gives the music an analog sound". Having recently upgraded my equipment to an Audiolab 6000CDT through an Ares II DAC, I feel I can state categorically that a digital recording played through a DAC is a digital recording. There is a digital sound and there is an analog sound, and improved as it may be it still has the digital sound. The analog sound comes from the format and the wizardly ways developed by engineers and producers to get the best possible sound out of it (when they did). I still ultimately prefer the digital sound myself, but that's a preference. If the analog sound is what you want, I would suggest investing a lot of money in analog equipment.
The most analog cd player i have ever heard is a wadia transport and da converter never have i heard digital sound even close to that at all.
The most analog CD player that I know is Acute Classic, by EAR Yoshino. One of the best CD players of all times as well. It replaced my Big 7 DAC from Lampizator. It’s not the most transparent device I’ve had but the texture of sound is totally vinyl like. Troels Graveson consider it better than vinyl. The synergy with my Atma Sphere amplifier and Quad speakers was perfect. Designed by recently passed away Tim de Paravicini, the big English guy. It is also higly appreciated in France, where I live. Much better than Luxman or Rega.