The Most "Analog" CD Player?

Came across this new CD player, which may finally end the eternal quest for the analog-sounding CD player.
I assume this post started off as a joke intended to get a chuckle from everyone.  It has ended up many look a bit foolish
Everyone should click the link on the OP's post it's not about analog sounding CD players.
The best that I have heard are:
1. MSB Technologies: The Select Transport coupled with the Select DAC (too much $$$ for me);
2. The new Esoteric K-01XD SACD/CD player with similar technology to (1) above, but cheaper ($23K), but not that cheap.

I do not like DCS because they seem to force their own version of musicality on the listener, but many love them. I would think the new Luxman would be great. 
Until I evaluate the required adapter and it's cost I cannot give my endorsement.
The Hegel Mohican could fit that bill as well as some ARC players. Neither sounds rolled off or lacking in terms of details. So, if you mean "analog" like big old reel to reel (not vinyl LP) tape running at high speed (30 IPS), then these are decent approximations of that type of sound IMO. At least that is what I recall based on hearing tape (Revox decks) when I was in radio a million years ago.