The "most foolish" loudspeaker tweak/upgrade ... is

I suggest Von Schweikert Audio's "ULTRA Internal Wire Upgrade" at a 'mere' $39,700..

The speakers own magnetic field from the magnet should not effect the internal wire unless that wire is moving. you need a wire moving in a magnetic field to induce a current/voltage with out a moving magnetic field or moving wire in a magnetic field you get nothing. so if for example the wire was pulsing with the air movement then yes you could get induction. I think you would get more from external sources like all the emi from the world like radio/ radar/ac line voltage in your homes ac system and the power co transmission lines. I've worked with systems in the Navy that detect various RF/EMI and you'd be shocked at how much we are be bombarded with daily. you just can not get away from it regardless where you are on the planet, less of course in remote areas but never zero (sun bathes us in a lot for that mater)

The speaker wires in question are manufactured by the same company (New Delphi?) that makes the internal wiring on NASA various space vehicles including the International Space Station (US Modules). If Von Schweikert is charging 39K for them, just imagine what NASA is paying for that wire, probably 3-4 times the price of what us mere mortals would pay.

I too have a deposit down on the Triton Reference Speakers, I believe we are looking at mid June now for the first production run which I luckily got on. My Triton 1 speakers will be going upstairs to my second system and I will put the Triton 2 up for sale at a later time.

I question any wire that is more expensive than my car. A rule of thumb for me is no more than 400.00 used on a pair of interconnects and no more than 2K for a used set of 7 meter speaker wire. Same goes for power cords. You will never see a power cord that cost me more than 300.00 used. I always buy used cables, they are usually very well broken in and half the retail price or even less..

Cables, amongst others, is a very personal thing and the justification for the spend on it is probably even more so depending upon one's perception of value. So, I for one, will not comment on why someone would spend $ 39k on internal wiring upgrade. Forget that, the MB ultra loom, whole hog, will probably put one back by more than $150k. What do people have to say to see, there's never an end to this.

and to whoever saying that spending $300 on power cords or cables is sensible, there is someone out there who will call that utterly foolish too..... so is a 39 k upgrade worthy? Yes maybe, for someone who has the means and the willingness to spend. I for one am a convert and do believe cable upgrades make an audible and significant difference and have spent a very significant amount on upgrades.. Am I willing to pay 39k for an internal wiring upgrade? - No......but that's me.
Hard to believe some people on this forum are legitimizing Von Schweikert Audio's "ULTRA Internal Wire Upgrade" for $39,700.  If I owned these speakers I'd be insulted by Von Schwiekert coming up with this internal wire upgrade offer.  How did they not get the correct internal wire voiced at design & build time?  These speakers ain't that old to claim that internal speaker wires have made giant leaps & bounds in the past 5 years.  

The real losers are people that own these speakers when they try to sell them as prospective buyers won't want to settle for the non-upgraded version.  Great reason to cross Von Schwiekert off my personal list of manufacturer's that protect the investments of their clients.