The most natural sound in the world.

The most natural sound in the world is a fart. It simply comes out naturally.

I suspect that your room, which is not the most esthetical is any way very good in an acoustic standpoint for these speakers... šŸ˜Š

Actually my room is quite terrible with a lot of challenges.

My system is all about extreme grounding, mechanical isolation, and great electrical parameters.

OP The most natural sound in the world.

You mean "The most natural reproduction audio sound in the world."

Indeed, your system sounds great. No flaw to mention and many things are excellent. Congrats and thank you for a great music! Please post more videos of your favorite music and more people to follow here.

This is my take on same music. I envy the bass of your system the most with beautiful voice and rhythm. Maybe I want to add another sub-woofer. Though my system seems less fog/veil between my ears and speakers. Alex/Wavetouch

Original music.

Not sure about the room, but Iā€™d sure like to hear the equipment.šŸ˜