The most natural sound in the world.

"For those who find this whole exercise/endeavor foolish and a waste of time, OK I understand. Just ignore and don’t participate."


 I don’t think that a differing opinion should disqualify a member from expressing same. As I said, I have listened to quite a few of these videos out of curiosity, and still do, but I just don’t believe that it’s a medium suitable for judging subtle differences in grounding devices, tube types etc.

I remember how jaysaudiolab used to do it every day when he was on audiogon. Anyway, I certainly don’t want to cause hard feelings about it with you or anyone else.


Hi John,

In no way does this discussion cause hard feelings. As you mentioned earlier we far more often tend to agree than not. I was not suggesting that anyone who disagrees with my perspective can’t offer an opposing opinion. Not at all. I just meant if people find it silly or unproductive they can just choose not to listen to the videos. That’s all I meant. 



Thanks Alex. I ordered the Nils Lofgren cd today, as I don’t have a server.  I will record it in the future and post it.

Regarding grounding I’m only here to express my personal experience. Yes, grounding for me is more profound than room acoustics. The removal of noise from the system completely changed the way a loudspeaker interacts with the room. Not here to argue with anyone regarding this subject. This is my experience from listening to some of the best systems around the world.

Yes, room acoustics are very important. Grounding is even more critical, makes or breaks the experience for me. Results will vary for some depending on the complexity of their grounding scheme. 

Order of importance from my experience.

1- Grounding  

2- AC ( most AC filters suck the life of the music)

3- Mechanical isolation 

4- than room ( do not get the first three correct, no music even if the room is great)

I will get a lot of heat for my statement, but hearing is believing.