The most natural sound in the world.

Any recording of anything, be it YT or a similar medium, is always going to be 'shaded' by your equipment and your environment.  Best option is to listen with headphones, to at least, eliminate the latter.  Even better IRL, but...not practical. ;)

It's a nice gesture for the OP to share his obviously nice kit with us, tho'....and a willingness to 'take a request' or 2...👍😃

It's a holiday weekend, after all....*G*

Enjoy, J

Grounding is the issue at hand.

TriPoint makes very pricey devices.

I am considering the new Shunyata Altiara which is reasonably priced.

Only concerned about how to connect it  to my components.

Only my TT has a dedicated ground post.

For my integrated and my DAC, do I connect to unused inputs?

Has anyone used the new Shunyata?


Another nice recording. I hear the improvement.

Thank you for sharing!