The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard

This may be a little too deeply personal for some, so reader discretion is advised. Don't know the reason, stayed here all season. Nothing to show but this brand new tattoo. But it's a real beauty, a Mexican cutie. How it got here I haven't a clue.
Blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top, cut my heel had to cruise on back home. But there's booze in the blender and soon it will render that frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

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That smell Lynyrd Skynard , 
Nights in white satin  and the orb
Landslide ,
the cats and the cradle Let it be 
the sound of silence
profound but all are different reflections of life 
every is open to interpretation.
Some great songs and deep stuff here...

My own favourite

Sit down young stranger
I also love imagine.  It is beautiful and simple. To despise it because it is simple is weird. 
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