the most simplistic stereo you have had

I am curious to see what is the most simplistic set up you have or have had. With the mammoth sized speakers and amps on the market right now, I wonder if there are others who have found a lasting refuge on quality of components and sounds that are in essence simple. Please describe the whole set up, specs, sound quality etc . . . what is your recommendation of a ticket for audio nirvana. PAUL
I put a system in my bedroom about a year ago. NAD L40 integrated FM Receiver/CD player, and B&W LM1 speakers. I put the receiver in my "high boy" chest of drawers with some ventilation in the back, so it's hidden unless I'm using it. I ran the QED flat wire through the wall behind the highboy and up into the attic for the speakers, the LM1's are mounted on the left wall as you enter the bedroom. It's not the last word in fidelity by any means, but it gets the job done. Price was reasonable, and with no interconnects, I plugged the speaker wire and the supplied ribbon antenna into the L40. So, when the mood strikes me I listen to either FM or CD. The only thing simpler is my Proton clock radio. Jeff
My Grado RS 2's, Grado headphone amp and a portable CD player. This is a great system!!!!!! I would recommend it to anyone. You can get a high end sound system for under $1000.00.
ten foot length of single-crystal 6-9's copper wire triple teflon-coated, stripped on both ends. one end attached via proprietary process to a .25 carat diamond, custom-ground in the vandenhull configuration and direct mounted (with a 5 gm. tungsten weight) onto a graham 2.0 arm, mounted on a kuzma xl tt. the other end split into 2 segments and each segment further split into 3 segments (this is for profesionals-DO NOT TRY AT HOME) gold soldered into neutrik balanced connectors plugged into an aesthetix phono w/pot phono/pre, driven directly to a boulder 2060 amp and thence to a pair of avalon eidolons. cost: ~ $97k. but, very simple. very satisfying. very much fiction. kinda interesting anyway, eh? (FWIW, i do own or lust after a good chunk of the described "system.")
my most simplistic is my present, which is the best i've had so far. wadia 850>analysis plus silver oval>warner imaging stereo amp>analisis plus oval nine cable> vandersteen 3a sigs. clean, simple and quite satisfying. must confess, recently added rel stadium11 sub direct in to amp speaker outs. its all there.
Marklivia, Your system 'sounds' great but not the most simplistic(meaning relatively compact). I would like to build system around B&W 302'S, CARY300LXI,CARY 301. Book shelf speaker size and integrated amp does it.