the most simplistic stereo you have had

I am curious to see what is the most simplistic set up you have or have had. With the mammoth sized speakers and amps on the market right now, I wonder if there are others who have found a lasting refuge on quality of components and sounds that are in essence simple. Please describe the whole set up, specs, sound quality etc . . . what is your recommendation of a ticket for audio nirvana. PAUL
my most simplistic is my present, which is the best i've had so far. wadia 850>analysis plus silver oval>warner imaging stereo amp>analisis plus oval nine cable> vandersteen 3a sigs. clean, simple and quite satisfying. must confess, recently added rel stadium11 sub direct in to amp speaker outs. its all there.
Marklivia, Your system 'sounds' great but not the most simplistic(meaning relatively compact). I would like to build system around B&W 302'S, CARY300LXI,CARY 301. Book shelf speaker size and integrated amp does it.
Yo Bemopti123, I brought home a modified Dynaco ST-70 ($150 used) recently and hooked it up to a pair of Radio Shack Optimus PRO LX4's ($100 pr. new + upgraded crossovers and Deflex) with zip cord. I fed it with a Rotel RC-971 pre amp ($25 used) and Yamaha CDX-930 ($25 used) using Straightwire Musicable 2. The I/C's cost ($30 new) more than the pre-amp or the CD. There's no bass below 60hz but for less than $400 Sade and Rickie Lee are just enchanting.