The Music Room

With all the talk about PayPal and the IRS, I'm considering other ways to sell my unused gear. I've been thinking about The Music Room. I have the system I want and have no need for trade ins. Has anyone else sold items to The Music Room? How was your experience? Did they give you a decent price for your gear (I understand they need to make a profit too). I just don't want any complications come tax season next year...


I’ve dealt with TMR on 3 occasions and they were great to deal with.   One was a trade towards a sale , a killer close out on a great integrated amp and an accessory.  All great transactions 

You are trading receiving less $s than if you sell a piece of equipment yourself for not having the potential nightmares that can occur if you sell yourself and the equipment is damaged in route or the buyer is a rip off artist.

I have worked extensively with TMR. Buying selling trading and consignment.  It really helps when they have something that you want and you get it for a bargin. It helps ease the blow of the low offer you get for selling.  Ir helps to live about 30 minutes away.  I like dealing with TMR the staff is great and returns are easy.

Looks like payments via Zelle require a lot of trust because there's no buyer recourse if things go sideways. Probably not much recourse for the seller either. And Stripe declares you're a business (which I'm not). Maybe I'll dig through my records and find receipts to the items I want to sell. That way if IRS wants me to itemize, I can show I either incurred a loss, or the profit was quite small. If I can't find a receipt then I'll see what TMR will offer.