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With all the talk about PayPal and the IRS, I'm considering other ways to sell my unused gear. I've been thinking about The Music Room. I have the system I want and have no need for trade ins. Has anyone else sold items to The Music Room? How was your experience? Did they give you a decent price for your gear (I understand they need to make a profit too). I just don't want any complications come tax season next year...


I've tried to sell both ways- here's my conclusion:  TMR is reputable. Used gear wholesale is about 1/4 of retail. They will need to be lower than that if they're tying up their cash and taking risk on someone else's probable problem unit. 

Selling to a HiFi buff is hard. We are a demanding lot and require a LOT of hand holding to get a deal done. After all that time spent (often enjoyable BTW) I've only been able to get about 40% of retail on the best sales and more often 1/3 of retail. 

When all the variables are shaken out I have this conclusion:  Use my old gear as trade-in on new gear to achieve a "better" sale price. Since you don't want to buy more gear you have to ask yourself: "Can I deal with the kind of buyer who will actually pay for my used gear?"  If no;  wholesale it and don't look back. 

As far as the IRS is concerned you bought your gear with after-tax dollars and sold it for less than your basis. This is not an income event. Nor is it deductible.  Your CPA can easily account to the IRS for the PayPal "income" on your 1040. I don't see risk there for you.



I have nothing but good things to say about TMR.  I have sold them several pieces of equipment when I either didn't get any interest here or USAM, or wanted to move the piece because I had another waiting in the wings.  Yes, you will not get what you could selling it yourself, but they always quote what I considered to be a fair price and it is the lowest hassle sale you can imagine.  No flaking, weirdness, etc. and you get instant payment.  Plus, since I have purchased almost all of my equipment used anyway, the difference between what something would actually sell for on here and what they would pay is not a dramatic difference. I would highly recommend them, and especially if you want to move your gear quickly.  Ask them for a quote . . . It can't hurt.

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Always had a great experience they never overstate the condition of their products and give good advice my brother and I have made many transactions with Nick for years fair and Honest cannot say that about to many people in this industry