The Music Room - Boulder Colorado

This vendor has a lot of favorable comments - but I have had a very unfavorable experience with them this Dec 2019. I have sent all my trade items & $400 via PayPal to them (per our email agreement) - all of which The Music Room has been confirmed to have rec’d. Despite my many emails they do not get back to me on the status of my trade shipment of a Rega turntable. I have called them multiple times - I cannot recommend that you deal with The Music Room, and currently I do not believe that they are legit. If they don’t make right in the next day or so I will have to file a complaint with the BBB.
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I've dealt with TMR twice over the past year and they have been outstanding both times.  Highly recommended!
and TMR’s issue was apparently an email system that errantly swept customer emails into the junk folder (explaining their lack of responses to me over the course of a week).
You don't really believe that a business that exists basically because of its online sales doesn't regularly check its junk folders, do you?  I can be gullible but wouldn't believe that.

I have been in this hobby for decades buying and selling on Audiogon since it was started. For the most part my experiences have been positive. However, the “market” has changed over the years and to be able to run a profitable business on line that depends largely on good customer service and positive feedback is no easy task. The fact that for the most part TMR has been successful speaks for itself. There will always been those unforeseen instances where a misunderstanding, often due to a failure to do one’s due diligence occurs, but that seems to be the exception here.
Happy TMR customer here too. I have sold quite a few items to them over the years. I live locally, and I visit their premises with my items. Pretty cool. I met Josh right at the beginning of his business, when he was operating out of his garage nearby my house. He has carefully grown a remarkable enterprise. Good luck to him.
I have bought a number of things from TMR and sold several items also. I recommend them very highly because they are fair, honest, and good with communication. I would not hesitate to deal with them again. This must be some sort of mix up and I am certain they will treat you well.