The Music Room

Hi has anyone done business with The Music Room?  They seem legit, but their lack of a published address makes me a little nervous
Great company that offers nice products at good prices but take much too long to respond with Trade in quotes. I've done multiple deals with them and once you agree on a deal they are outstanding - great service - quick shipping - solid follow through but man getting to the goal with a trade is so painful. I will do more business with them because they always have a ton of great used gear and their super strong online marketing presense in our Audio World (Agon - the Marts - eBay, etc) but man if they just backed it up with reasonable or even any response times. I wish they would improve on this aspect because I really like them and you can trust them and they disclose every nick or blemish with great hi-def zoomable pics and they always have some very creamy used gear that is priced quite fairly but all the waiting and having to keep re-sending additional inquiries over and over is not how they should roll. Just respond and spit out the number man! If you have no trade they Rock! 
I have sold several items using The Music Room. Sometimes they purchase an item for cash (great if you need immediate cash) and other times for consignment selling.

They do an excellent job preparing and listing your item for a consignment sale including pictures,  complete write up and support. They test all incoming products, handle all packing and shipping. The Music Room is highly recommended. 

I agree with fsmithjack above that they are sometimes a little slow in their response.  I usually give them 24-48 hours and then call if no response.  I still continue to use them and they are recommended.  
FWIW: As audiophiles, we need to support "brick and mortar" audio stores, at least the legitimate ones.  Otherwise they'll disappear.  The problem with such places disappearing is that when they disappear, then the following things also disappear:
1) A place to actually listen to and look at audio equipment.
2) The availability of expert people, who have made audio their JOB, to consult with about audio issues.  I don't know about you guys, but for me at least having the likes of Duane Randleman (an audio dealer I've known for well over 10-15 years) has led me on the fast track to audio Nirvana. Were it not for Duane, I'd still not be there yet. 
3) A local interface for service of audio products when they need service (as the law of entropy dictates that they will, not a question of if but when).
4) A tradition, that at least the older ones among us still appreciate: Visiting an audio store and chatting with "the guys."

+1 on all points mdhoover.

Allow me to add one more insidious threat to B&M dealers:

Narcissists that create and maintain a list of places to audition equipment that they have no intention to buy from that dealer (or from any dealer or from anyone). They often keep an "audition list" updated at all times for such purposes by relentlessly polling other audiophiles in order to grow that list.

I just made my first purchase from TMR.   Good communication.  Shipped the next business day.  Great packaging.   Items as described.  I highly recommended TMR and would not hesitate in doing business with it again.