The Music Room

Hi has anyone done business with The Music Room?  They seem legit, but their lack of a published address makes me a little nervous
+1 on all points mdhoover.

Allow me to add one more insidious threat to B&M dealers:

Narcissists that create and maintain a list of places to audition equipment that they have no intention to buy from that dealer (or from any dealer or from anyone). They often keep an "audition list" updated at all times for such purposes by relentlessly polling other audiophiles in order to grow that list.

I just made my first purchase from TMR.   Good communication.  Shipped the next business day.  Great packaging.   Items as described.  I highly recommended TMR and would not hesitate in doing business with it again. 
Thank you. I personally think it’s borderline unethical to do what you describe as some others doing. There’s certainly nothing wrong with "window shopping" in its purest form. The problem is when brick and mortar stores are used SOLELY as venues to research products which are later purchased elsewhere for a few dollars less, thereby leaving the B&M stores high and dry, with all of the cost but none of the profit. They can’t possibly survive that way. If such stores go the way of the dinosaur, then we’ll ALL be paying the price, and have largely ourselves to blame.

Right on mdhoover. One of the most blatant offenders is very active right here on Audiogon. Shameless.

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