"The Mystery Of Sound Is Mysticism"


Understanding the mechanics of sound is not necessarily the same as understanding sound's effects on the spirit of living beings. The audiophile journey for me has been all about that, and I have been very grateful for what has unfolded.

Every sound has a form associated with it and vice versa. In some eastern traditions and even in the native traditions of the Americas, sound was intricately used as ’one of the many’ tools to evolve this human casing in consciousness/evolve it to its ultimate potential.

What is this ultimate potential? Well, some of you good ol’ boys know Jesus. Jesus was born here as a regular ol’ carpenter, y’know? But, "something" happened to him and he blossomed, became "God like"..."God himself". The Buddha...he was a born a regular ol’ spoilt prince...but then, something happened to him and he became "God like"..."God himself". These 2 are the more "popular" ones. But, there have been many and some are still currently alive in the world...the "God like" ones. They are not gonna come out and tell you anything/become "popular"....because you know/remember what y’all did to Jesus?

Anyways, such potential exists within all of you and can remain dormant for many a wasted lifetime, unexplored. Some of you are probably nearing closer to the end of your limited lifespans, i.e., time & energy are limited resources. For some, life needs to give you many many beatings before you come to your senses, possibly align yourselves that way. Anyways....if not in this one....better luck next time ( exploring higher possibilities)....or the one after....or the one after....or the one after...or the one after...