The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D

There are many reasons to like one type of sound over another. Even among what are considered very good amplifiers there’s a broad range of tastes and preferences among audiophiles. Just ask a SET aficionado!

However, no class is more maligned, inappropriately, than Class D. To hear some regulars tell it, Class D sound will thin your blood, make your teeth fall out and ruin your enjoyment of just about everything because it sounds so (fill in a lot of tropes from the 1980’s here).

I’ve been listening to NAD’s prior collaboration with Bruno Putzy and I can tell with some confidence that none of those tired old tropes apply. For reasons related much more to tonal balance than anything else, I’m sticking with Class A/B in my main system, but with the introduction of the next gen Anthem AVR receivers and the NAD M33 I may be making the switch back to class D.

You don’t have to like the M33 or the Anthem’s but can we at least agree that it’s time to retire the old guard of reasons not to buy Class D? Lets lay those poor phantoms to rest.

     Ah, fun with FFTs.  Teo_audio's posts can be relied upon to be interesting and very cerebral as he explores the core of subjects from unexpected directions.  Excellent work and please keep 'em coming.
     I've read and participated in numerous dialectics about class D amps ever since these amps began to be very good about a decade ago. It's weird, but just in the way it's something to note, that the reactions to and discussions about class D amps haven't progressed much beyond the apparent conclusion that many, including myself, love them and that many do not for various reasons. 
     l find it confusing and confounding, however, how I can perceive the performance of many of the class D amps I've owned or listened to as being exceptionally good while many others perceive sound quality deficiencies with class D amps, or at least claim they do. 
     My suspicions of these supposed class D sound quality deficiencies, and even the motives of the claimants, stem not only from their complete and consistent lack of any proven scientific supporting evidence but also from my personal complete and consistent failure at perceiving any of these supposed sq deficiencies they've described during the past 6+ years of my owning and using 3 different brands of class D amps and listening to many more.
     There's been a serious dichotomy of opinions on the performance quality of class D amps over the past decade or so.   I've chosen not to be overly concerned about these opposing opinions since I perceive my class D monoblocks as performing spectacularly well in my system and I don't perceive any of the claimed sound quality deficiencies perceived and described by some others, which means by definition that these alleged sonic deficiencies don't even exist according to my perceptual reality.  Perhaps I'm just lucky for not being able to perceive them or perhaps these supposed deficiencies actually don't even exist. 
     Which is it?  I'm not sure but I think it's best that I keep an open mind.  I believe it's possible, if not likely, that future scientific evidence may emerge that identifies and proves that class D sq deficiencies actually do exist but that only a minority of individuals have the ability to perceive them.  There are no guarantees, of course, but it would explain this dichotomy of opinions rather nicely and neatly.
     The other subject I've noticed a serious dichotomy of opinions on is the big, fat, orange, dopey guy. This recent and very important election, about the performance quality of our President along with the fate of our nation and democracy, I can't avoid being overly concerned about since I, and about 80 million fellow citizens, perceived him as a collection of the worst human personality traits along with the leading candidate for the worst President in the history of our country. 
     The fact ,that about 70 million of my fellow citizens actually voted for 4 more years of this disaster of a man and Presidency however, also greatly concerns me.  Unfortunately, I can only rationalize this mass attraction to such a poor excuse for a human being by realizing that Trump happens, the attraction likely representing more of a protest or symptom of underlying problems as much as anything else, such as an entire group of hardworking, middle class and patriotic citizens perceiving their relatively inequitable conditions and treatment as well as being politically ignored for far too long.  But that's a worthy discussion probably best had on another forum.
     Anyhoo, I believe the opinions on both class D amps and Trump will remain characteristically contesteous, combative and dichotomous for the foreseeable future.  Only when all future developments, histories and facts about each can be fully known and scrutinized from the clear, accurate, honest and complete perspective of retrospection, which may  require 100 years or more.will the full story be known about each subject.
class d is a generic labeling of amplifier type

just like there are good and bad tube amps, class a/b solid state amps, mosfet amps, bipolar transistor amps, nos r2r dacs, moving coil cartridges, belt drive turntables, ribbon tweeters, electrostats... it is all in the holistic implementation of any particular offering that matters...

class d amps as a class, over their development in the past decade plus, were touted as the next best thing... yet many early versions did clearly sound poor... thus the reputation/hearsay came to be

just like digital, progress continues and improvements are made and those with open minds are wise to revisit past beliefs, which may have been perfectly reasonable and accurate at the time...
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     You gave a good summary, seem to have a good grasp of the subject and true dat.

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