The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D

There are many reasons to like one type of sound over another. Even among what are considered very good amplifiers there’s a broad range of tastes and preferences among audiophiles. Just ask a SET aficionado!

However, no class is more maligned, inappropriately, than Class D. To hear some regulars tell it, Class D sound will thin your blood, make your teeth fall out and ruin your enjoyment of just about everything because it sounds so (fill in a lot of tropes from the 1980’s here).

I’ve been listening to NAD’s prior collaboration with Bruno Putzy and I can tell with some confidence that none of those tired old tropes apply. For reasons related much more to tonal balance than anything else, I’m sticking with Class A/B in my main system, but with the introduction of the next gen Anthem AVR receivers and the NAD M33 I may be making the switch back to class D.

You don’t have to like the M33 or the Anthem’s but can we at least agree that it’s time to retire the old guard of reasons not to buy Class D? Lets lay those poor phantoms to rest.
Kw6- listen to a NAD M33 and then honestly tell me it’s got great detail “but thinner than real life.”  That has not been my experience AT ALL!  Not even close.  All the reviews I have read (rightfully) praise it’s outstanding sound. I’m listening on decidedly mid-fi SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers, I’m not a “Golden-Ear” by any stretch, but I know when I hear great sound, and this thing has it.  Seriously considering getting some used Maggie’s and taking the system down to the more generously sized basement man cave, I’m sure they would sound amazing with the 33.
I was running PS Audio M700's (L,C,R) and a S300 (surrounds). I loved their sound. Had to trade them in for a BAT VK50-SE Preamp because my requirements changed. Also used the Orchard Audio STARKRIMSON Amps that had had even better sound than the PS Audio M Series' WRT to upper Bass/Midrange/Highs. But they kept blowing up on me (long story). So I'm back to a pair McIntosh MC50's  for the Upper Bass/Midrange/Tweeter section on a pair of KEF 105/3's while a ICE Power 1000AS Class D Amplifier (1000W peak @4ohms) drives the dual 8" Cavity Coupled Woofers.
I found this post by seanheis1 from another class D thread to be very interesting and relevant:

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01-04-2017 3:51pm
Fact is the times have changed in audio. Digital is blossoming with tech that combines dac, amp, preamp, room correction etc.. all into one or two boxes keeping the signal all digital up until the point the signal is sent to the speaker.

Read all the recent reviews of my Lyngdorf 2170 or the Exogal Comet and Ion amp. The future is here right now.
Grannyring - there really hasn't been much discussion on this thread about digital Class D...mostly analog Class D using modules from Hypex and Ice...a few from Pascal & Abletec. Your Lyngdorf appears to use the TI Equibit technology, which combines amp & DSP. Very interesting stuff.