The new CapCellBar upgrade by Bob Smith on Nuforce Ref 9 V3 SE mono amps

I've already had the TDSS level 3 upgrades using a 500 watt per channel power supply--much more powerful than the original and better sounding than the original amps in all ways.

However, the new CapCellBar upgrade to the amps is even better than the level 3 upgrade from the original.  Afterward, the bass is much deeper, more potent and dynamic.  Listening to my friend's amps that are the same as mine without the CCB upgrade, we both easily heard the difference in the same system.  The soundstage is now very precise and layered in depth.  Instruments and vocals are in exact spots so music like Take 6 with their 6 vocalists are easily heard in spots across the stage.  All the musical parts are more real sounding than before and there is more information at all frequencies.  Everything is more like live music.  Vocals are beautiful and even more distinct in sound from each other.  

The CCB upgrade consists of removing the bank of 20+ small caps, replacing those with 5 larger caps that are just enough with the larger power supply.  Copper bus bars connect the power supplies to the amp module, and Bob adds his Smith Cell (Vortex cell) to each amp.  Basically, much of the amps are replaced with the upgrade.  It is a labor intensive job--more point-to-point wiring, less circuit boards.

I liked the Ref 9's when I first heard them, liked them even better with the 500 watt power supplies, and am really loving the new CCB upgrade.  Those with Ref 9's or other Nuforce and Nuprime amps should look into getting this upgrade.  It is very cost effective.  It is very nice to have 2 small amps that I can carry with one arm and kick proverbial butt in SQ right up with the big boys!  If you already enjoy your Nuforce amps, you're gonna love the CCB upgrade.  Look up Ozark Mountain Audio or TDSS and you can contact him and Cody.  I am now a friend of Bob's but have nothing to do with the company other than I'm an extremely big fan of his work.  I now also own an awesome pair of his SP Tech Revelation Mk-V speakers.  

Sorry for the delay, I've not been able to access the forum from lack of password recall until now.

Bob Smith is officially done with audio as of November of last year.  He has devoted all his spare time trying to study and develop a cure for his wife's cancer.  I have no info other than that.




@dorkwad : Thanks for the update.  A few years ago I had Bob do the TDSS level 3 mods to my Nuforce 9SE V2 amps and it was worth every penny. He's a good man and a genuine loss to the audio community. I wish him and his family the best. Good listening. Jeff

Hi all. Recently, one of my reference 9 v3SE amps died. I assume it’s the common power supply failure. I’ve been following bob smith for a couple of years in case this ever happened.. and now that it has, unfortunately  tdss and bob smith have vanished. I was able to find someone’s invoice online for the upgrades which listed the parts used for the power supply swap. I was wondering/hoping someone somewhere had a picture of the upgraded internals of their v3 SE that they could send me so I can get an idea of how these replacement parts have been integrated. 
many thanks. Nick.