The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!

I have in-house the New Coda Technologies S5.5 amplifier for review for Stereo Times website. It will be awhile before I write the review. However, I'm so impressed by the performance of this petite amplifier, it only weights 45 pounds, that I wanted to give a heads up to you GON members if you are in the market for a balanced pure class A amplifier, delivers 50 watts @ 8 Ohms, and can drop 100 Amperes of current on a peak!

The world class build quality of Coda amplifiers is on display with the S5.5, along with the most beautiful purity of tonality, precise sound-staging, complete liquidity offered by pure class A design, and what might be the best top end regarding details, decays, and a natural shimmering without brightness or any edge at all.

The S5.5 uses extremely wide bandwidth output transistors instead of the usual TO3 devices used in most transistor designs. I own the Coda #16, which is great, but the midrange/high end is taken to another level of musical enjoyment with the S5.5. The S5.5 has a sense of speed/aliveness that is exciting to listen to that you experience in live music. The amp is dynamic as hell, has driven with ease any speaker I have tried it with, hence my nickname of the "Petite Beast". Remember, 50 watts pure class A, can drop 100 amperes of current and only weights 45 pounds.

Teajay (Terry London)


@yyzsantabarbara I decided to start with the XP22 because it while maybe not the most excited or colored, it’s still very good as a neutral reference point since I was just starting my journey then.


Now that I’ve got the amplification leveled up, the goal is to try a great tube pre.

  Terry, Your prior review on the No. 8 amp from Coda was very influential in my long thought out decision to purchase the CSiB. No regrets. It offers in my system everything you stated about the No.8 and what Richard Willie reported in his review in Stereo Times. I was researching amps for a couple years and very pleased with the CSiB decision. I am planning to replace my McIntosh MC2125 amp and looking seriously at the S5.5. I spotted it on the Destination Hi-Fi site a few months ago. Seeing your comments have revved me and I plan to talk with Doug Dale and James at Destination Hi-Fi. Both gentlemen have been extremely helpful to me. The quality and sound from the CSiB has narrowed my  amplification preference to one manufacturer- Coda. Great quality, sound and value. 

Terry, how do you feel about using the CSiB V1 preamp outs to control the S5.5? My other option is an  ARC SP-8 Tube preamp that still performs well? I did some comparisons between the CSiB pre outs and the SP8 pre with a separate power amp (Mac MC2125). The 07x preamp section of the CSiB came very close to sounding like the SP 8 tube preamp in overall flavor; however,  with improved detail/resolution, bass control, smoothness and a much quieter dark  background and cleaner, more evident micro and macro dynamics.  And the SP8 sounds beautiful so the Class A preamp section of the CSiB V1 has certainly surpassed my expectations. Coda=Impressive!!! What do you think though about the synergy of either of these preamps with the S5.5? I plan to touch base with Doug Dale at Coda as well on this.  His knowledge and experience has been invaluable to me on prior calls and he is just great to talk with and learn from. With high respect, I do want to thank you for steering me to Coda with your No. 8 review! If you are excited about the S5.5;  that's really enough for me to place an order. Thanks again!

Joe M 


Hey Joe M,

First, thanks for the kind feedback regarding my reviews helping you purchase the Coda piece. I would go with using the preamp outs on your Coda CSiB V1 into the S5.5. Please tell Doug hello for me if you contact him regarding the S5.5. As you can tell, based on what has been shared on this thread, the S5.5 has become my favorite Coda amp. I believe the #8 and #16 are still great amplifiers, but this little beasty offers another level of fidelity/musicality to my ears.


Thanks Teajay for your thoughtful reply and advice on the preamp. I'll use the Csib pre outs. I agree,  the synergy should be better and do appreciate your insight on this. I'll definitely tell Doug you said hello and get into some further discussion with him on the S5.5. I was leaning to it before I saw this thread, only uncertain if I should just get the #8 or the S5.5 as a second amp, so really appreciate the heads-up you have provided  us on the Coda S5.5. Definitely sounds like the way to go. I wasn't familiar with AricAudio; however, from one your posts, I became interested and checked out the AricA site.   I am impressed with the Motherlode Mk II and XL preamps and for my needs leaning to the Mk II line stage. You commented it goes well with the S5.5. That's good enough for me; I'm a believer and will let Aric know how I found out about him!  Thanks again!

Joe M