The new Linn LP12 50th Anniversary edition

Linn have just announced their 50th anniversary edition LP12. See

The price is going to be starting at $60K.


Looks nice, but the price, like so much in the industry these days, seems to be what they used to call ' a thumb suck' number.




" Lamm is other example and nothing wrong with because manufacturers stay in the audio market for busines$$ as more the better always that been/be audiophiles to pay their audio items. It’s a well defined market game, especially in audio " high end " niche."

Can you explain what that means? I’m not understanding what you said.


60k for an airpax motor turntable… if it were

milled from titanium it still won’t be worth that with a markup. The LP12 is a fine deck and deserves its place in audio history. The best LP12’s I have heard are by The Funk Firm and Vinyl Passion and they come out waaaaaayyyyyyy less than £60k. It’s this idiocy that leads to the gradual demise of the audio industry


And yet Linn has sold all 250 of these in just a few weeks! One could argue that they priced them way too low!!!

@vinylvalet   I guess you were not one of the 250 buyers. Although, I suspect you would not have that opinion if you could have been....;0)