The new LSA Signature 50 Monitor "Disruptive Product"

My review on the Stereo Times website on the LSA Signature 50 speaker was posted this morning. I believe that you GON members would enjoy the details why I refer to this monitor as a "Disruptive Product" regarding it's cost vs. performance ratio. Take a look at the review for the details of why my time with the Signature 50 was so much fun and has lead to hours of musical enjoyment.

Teajay (Terry London)


I rarely get involved in any chat rooms as I don't have the time but I would like to point out that the pair of Signature 80's that they got at the AZ speaker fest was our original and only design pair. When we got them back one of the woofers was not hooked up. Must have come loose as they were shipped 5 times before they got to AZ. It is a shame as they are wonderful speakers.

As to the website comments, I agree that it is poor but I work 70 hours a week, 7 days a week and have to talk to all customers as well as pay the bills and post products on the site. It just keeps growing over the last 23 years. It is not going to change until next year when we do a new site with click to buy.

I do not monitor these posts so anyone who has issues or questions can call me at my original 770-667-5633 Georgia number. It has not changed for the 23 years that I have run the business. I now live in Hawaii but we use the original number and still ship from our Georgia warehouse.



Just read the tone publication review of the LSA signature 80 and sounds like they are excellent speakers.

Funny to think that the organizers nor any of the attendees of the 2022 AZ AV Club Speaker Fest (about 150 attendees) noticed that the LSA Signatures 80s had a woofer disconnected. One person picked them as their favorite.

Nice try.

I agree that Walter's website could be better.  However, I can find what I need on it and he always returns calls.  He has given me lots of advice over the years and I think that our ears are similar.  I get that someone may not like one or more of his products.  However, I have several Audio GD pieces and his top line monitor as well as a Melco server/cd player ripper.  Very very satisfied with my purchases and his customer service website be damned.