The new "Europe '72"

Been listening to -- and quite enjoying -- the second volume of The Grateful Dead's "Europe '72." I'm expectin' that we'll soon enough see a review that begins as follows:
"It was worth the wait."
I should have mine any day now.....I missed the time frame to purchase the '' box set ''. Heard it was very well done......GD just announced that by the end of the year....they will be offering all 22 disc's individually for sale. This was my most time of the Dead
Stakladen, Aarhus University, Denmark 4/17/72 is a terrific date. Two highlights: 1st, Donna did not sing that night :-) ; 2nd, the third disc Truckin, jam, Other One, Me and My Uncle, Other One.... phenomenal. Really one of the bests sets I've ever listened to.
Amen to Donna taking the night off. She is the reason I don't listen to much of the '70s Dead.
Her yodeling is dreadful.