The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


This thread is definitely a "must read".  After doing so, and in the spirit of the OP, a couple of questions:

1. Assuming the purple fuse is "better" than the orange fuse, what did SR change in its manufacture or design (other than color)?  If there is indeed a change in the product, It's very plausible the fuse make a system "sound" better I assume the fuse only affects the electric current, which in turn flows through every circuit of the component

2. To follow, what type of audio equipment do the purple owners have?  Tube/SS? Ultra high end or moderate specs/components?

I'm open to any tweak, but I try to eliminate at least some of the variables to make my results maybe more predictable?

Don't hate on me..I'm just asking a question for personal knowledge.   


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1. I'm not privy to the manufacturing process, but I will tell you that I can feel a granular substance under the labels of the Purple fuses that are not there on their previous fuses. 

2. Personally, I use all tube Audio Research Corp. electronics. 


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"Who are some of your Purple People Eater retailers?"

Try high-end electronics and The Cable Company. I think they are both A’gon advertisers.


@papafrgog  --you bring up great points that I have questioned in the past to no avail.  It is interesting that when a new model comes out, the brand always tells you what has changed. ie better capacitors, resistors, wiring etc. It would be nice to know what is different about the purple or for that matter, what is the difference between a QSA Blue and Yellow.  

I have a very high-end system with all high-end accessories/tweaks.  At some point, there is a law of diminishing returns.  So in my system, when I just added one fuse to my Lampizator Pacific, I really did not hear a notable difference.  I will give you another example.  Everyone raved about Townshend Audio Isolation Podiums.  I purchased them for over $3k and I certainly did not get the results everyone bragged about.  People proclaim every tweak matters. and that it is a cumulative effect.   Well, I guess it depends on each person's system.  Sometimes when you order a prime steak you don't put A-1 sauce on it.  You just enjoy the prime steak.

My point is or IMO, if you have a great system you are not going to realize an incremental improvement with every tweak imaginable.  I challenge those that disagree to go back and start over.  Remove every tweak and listen to your music.  Use that as your baseline.  I did that. Then start adding one tweak at a time.  See what really makes a difference.   As I said, I have every tweak there Some have not worked; others have.  You might ask why am I continuing to add tweaks if my system is great.  Because we are always looking for that extra bump in sound.   In lower-end systems, I believe that tweaks can help more.  The biggest improvement in my system came when I added the Lucas Audio LDMS Music Server.  Better components DO matter


Tweaks that worked for me:  Upgraded fuses, PPT paste, and mats, 1260 contact enhancer, acoustic absorption panels. Tweaks that are less than satisfying -Schuman's Resonator's, Townshend Podiums, Amplifier isolation pods. The jury is still out on HFT's and I have 18 of them.


What's next?  I have had every SR fuse they have made and now QSA Yellow fuses.  I am still reading this thread for Purple reviews and WBF for QSA reviews.  I will contemplate trying one Purple or QSA red for my Lampi.  If I hear improvement I will keep otherwise for sure I will return.  

Let the debate roll on!