The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


I just installed the new SR purple fuses and have run them in for a few days.  Yes, every time we hear from SR that the newest fuses bring the largest sonic improvement of any prior fuse model. While this line gets tired after being used for each successive generation of fuses, it’s been true more than a few times. Also, “Holy Guacamole!”  It’s certainly true for the Purple fuses.

Everything got better throughout the frequency range.  Lows became tighter, more tuneful, and had greater perceived extension--also there seems to be so much more perceived bass now so that I felt the need to turn down my speakers’ active bass cabinets by a notch or two. High frequency sounds are much more refined.  Everything now sounds so much more solidified.  Imaging better, so is soundstaging and both not by an inconsequential amount. The sounds of instruments just hang in mid-air.  The soundstage overall is also a bit larger.

The noise floor, which seemed to already be at the lowest level possible, dropped even further.  Detail increased.  Also, timber is much more accurate.  All of a sudden things like bells and percussive strikes seem much more correct and realistic sounding.

Yes, the purple fuses have improved every aspect of my system’s performance--which is what I find AC improvements generally do-- but almost never to this extent.

I know this seems crazy, but I have been in between music servers for a bit and was using a Bluesound Node as place holder until my new high-end server arrived.  The Bluesound did admirably for its cost, but still a lot of the magic was gone when compared to a higher-end CD player or server.  With the Purple fuses and the Node both in my system, my system was playing in many ways at a higher level than without Purples and with only high-end components in it.  This is truly amazing.  Curious as I usually am, I really don’t care to think this one out or explain it.  These are the biggest upgrade I have ever made of any tweak and it beats many component upgrades that I have made over the years.

One very happy customer here. 

Just got in an SR purple fuse, and replaced the QSA light blue in my CD transport. Initial results, after forty minutes or so of listening, it is already handily beating the QSA light blue in musicality and involvement. The change is not at all subtle. I look forward to it being fully broken in.

@tommylion +1 

I'm looking forward to someone comparing the SR Purple to the QSA Violet.