The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


Now SR has come out with the purple duplex outlet. I have contacted the cable company about it. They said its new and started to ship now. But they have not been able to review it as of now. But if it's anything like the purple fuses it'll probably be super.

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I‘m using SR orange in my power amp, server‘s psu and reclocker; AM Ultimate Premier in dac and pre amp.

Did anyone compare AM Ultimate Premier with SR purple?

I’ve only used the Synergistic Research Orange and Purple fuses, no other manufacturers. I used two Orange fuses for 30 days and returned them for two Purples. In my system I felt the Orange fuses high frequency extension was limited. Not as crisp, clean - almost smeared at times. However they were unmatched at 3D imaging and providing good low frequencies that were fully controlled. I compared the SR fuse against the OEM Naim Supernait 3’s fuse. The Naim fuse had more robust bass overall in my system. However using the two SR fuses in my preamp and amplifier in tandem provided a much larger impact. The total package.

I deployed the new Purple fuses in the TeddyCap SE linear power supply and the Supernait 3 on June 3rd and have been burning them in 24/7. I’m running an extra outboard hard drive on random/repeat on low volume at night and higher during the day for the burn in process.

This morning I’m doing some critical listening and the Purples sound fantastic. So far in my system they have much richer midrange more natural high frequency extension and control than the Oranges. However at this stage I believe the Orange fuses presented a larger soundstage and holographic imaging. Perhaps I need to reverse the fuse after some more cooking and reevaluate but the Purples are consistent throughout the frequency range and have pulled the soundstage into the forefront. However no one aspect calls attention to itself. There’s no bass bloat or dryness - it’s all very natural sounding, very musical, non mechanical. The cymbals through the Purples are much cleaner, clearer and extended better than the Oranges, they shimmer into infinity. Vocals are clearer and well defined.

I’ve tested the Purple fuse against the Naim OEM and in my opinion the Naim fuse sounds more dynamic. The Naim fuse digs deeper and presents better kick drums. Though with the Purple fuses the snare drum snaps! and the other drum skins and percussion sound more lifelike with better overall Tone, Texture and Timbre. In my system the Purple Synergistic Research fuses are working very well in tandem - Preamp > Amplifier for maximum performance.


@nutty. ---did you have any problems with fuse direction?  Which way did you put them in?  Did you have to change the direction?