The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.

I love the music of the was such a magic time musically. Unfortunately I wasn't born yet. Of course, we young'ns know about the greats....CSN, Jefferson Airplane The Doors, Neil Young, CCR, the obvious ones...but it took me awhile to find Moby Grape, Richie Havens or Nick Drake. How about some tips of some great sixities music that somehow has dropped off the radar.
Love - Forever Changes
The Kinks Something Else, and totally and utterly second "Village green preservation society"
Get yourself some CD's of various artists from the 60's and 70's. Like Mistic presents Groovin' or Billboard disks, most will have 20 plus groups per disk. The cd's are only okay for the most part (my wife likes groovin') but it gives you a list to start with. You can also see whom you may or may not like for little money. Most of us from the 60's and 70's sometimes need help remembering group names also but not the music. We had fun though. You can find these at most BJ's and Costco stores. You can also find them at the Salvation Army or Goodwill for a buck!
Vanilla Fudge
Grateful Dead
Richie Havens
Joe Cocker
Traffic- esp Low Spark of High Heel Boys
(listen to all of these before the smoke clears)
Check out the deluxe edition (2CD) of the "Easy Rider" movie sound track. It's a nice compilation of music from this period.